在学习、工作或生活中,许多人都有过写信的经历,对书信都不陌生吧,借助书信人们可以传递思想、交流信息。这里给大家分享一些关于自荐信英文,供大家参考。 自荐信英文1 respected…



respected sir/miss:

hello!!!!! thank you very much for you check my zijianshu. i’m fujian economic management cadre institute for college graduates in _, professional is business administration. i am honored to have the opportunity to you in my personal data. in all the society, in order to find the accord with his professional and interested in the job, better use of their talents, to achieve their life values, i send to you for leadership sell yourself, your identity will become the new starting point of my life struggle.

in the short period of the university three years study life, i not only develop the “diligence, rigorous, realistic and innovative” style of study, and insisted on professional and nonprofessional hand in hand with guidance, and tries to widen the aspect of knowledge, understanding the needs of social development of talent, and continuously improve their ideology.

during the university, i duoci participating in project planning survey and writing, at the same time made computer [normal university computer network professional application letter model essay] level certificate and the assistant marketing division certificate. as a wenyibu minister (once won the first english singer partial contest), has the strong organization and coordination. strong dedication to work and the sense of responsibility can make me face the team of difficulties and challenges.

for nearly a year, i will learn the theory knowledge to practice, harvest very much. i want to join your company, play to my potential. i am enclosing a resume. if i have the chance to meet with you, i’d be very grateful.

this salute!


i am a college graduate, jiangxi _. my specialty is business english, was awarded the national scholarship and national motivational scholarships.

i am a very motivated person, in class as a group secretary for three years. i am not a very sociable person, but i have a good mass base. this is based on cumulative. i think we should let people convince themselves, not the 1:15 can be established, it should be a long time recognized the work of others you formed. in their own methods of work, through their own efforts to pay, with their half-hearted attitude, after the test of time and everyone for their positive, others will be convinced in their own sincere.

i am a hard-working person. i am very hard in learning, i feel myself more stupid, brain response to some slow. but i am heart, know how to pay the total return. efforts to change potentially coming back is a sub-return. however, i firmly believe that as long as there is one percent hope for there must be qupin 1. no bitter point tired point, the wound over them. i am very young, with the conviction to struggle, there is nothing wrong.

i am a thoughtful person. at school, i served as executive chairman of the department of student union, tuanzong zhi, deputy secretary of the department, there are many other students do not have practical experience. i will do everything with the mind thinking about how to do it, how to use the current conditions to achieve a better results and so on. there are policies and measures to counter it sometimes does not necessarily pejorative. when the leadership to make certain requirements and instructions should be on quality and quantity of tasks at the same time, but also think about how to do even better. if there is bias and i will take the initiative to communicate with the leadership, to state my views and make changes to my program to do a good job i have done. faced with the brain to think something good intentions. failing to panic, calm handling, overall situation. this is my secret of success in school.

i have the time when the student cadres to start from the director-general, through their own efforts, has been leading affirmed. i am one step at a working attitude, people and organizations have won the trust and praise. for me is a benefit of tempering, but also a are all aspects of the process of increasing. through two years of work, there are many, many feelings and experiences. i think that things have to co-ordinate arrangements for all affairs, definitely not a tree, while the loss of a forest. note that in a team where mutual trust, solidarity, work hard and will achieve a better results.

i still have a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies, such as: speech capability is not outstanding, are not good at communication, etc. daily. but i believe that through learning, through the improvement must be the most competitive of qualified employees.

heart, with the brain, hard work, rigorous, learning, innovation, my work features. give me an interview opportunity to give you a satisfactory personnel.


_x distinguished company:

hello, daily from _ to know your company is to recruit talent. _x i have served on the company’s products sales department for four years, senior staff, confident there are good practical work experience, your company may be recruited competent job!

___ since i began, has served as business sales, as well as writing letters. in the course of work, in addition to the scope of official business, with some customers from all regions and to make use of spare time to learn a lot about the business issues.

prior to his role in the new world, i have served as accounting firms brother secretaries. during his tenure, learning many of the accounting terms and accounting procedures.

i now __ years old, unmarried __ ,____ graduated from college, i would like to have the opportunity to make full use of their skills, engage in the work of a wider range of needs, this is my hurry to leave the main reason for existing. i am employed by a company is the boss of my work is quite laudable ambition, so he is willing to help me to find another level.

if it is convenient, i would like to personally visit the site in order to detail.


dear hr,

my name is mr. on may 25, 1988, i was born in xinying, a little town in southern fujian. my father is a farmer, planting bananas and pineapples, and my mother takes care of the house. i have two brothers and one sister. though not well-to-do, my parents have been able to provide the whole family with sufficient means to live decently and enjoy all modern conveniences.

my early education was received in my hometown, i.e. six years in primary school and three years in junior middle school. after completing nine years of formal education in 1958. i went to xiamen and participated in the joint entrance examination for five-year junior colleges. fortunately, i was admitted to the department of electrical engineering at xiamen junior engineering college. i chose electrical engineering as my major because, on the one hand , i liked physics very much; and on the other hand, electrical industry is a major sector of the economy of china.

the five years of intensive training came to an end in june 1978 when i received a diploma. and in july 1980. i was hired by nan ya plastic company and have served as a junior electrical engineer at the company to the present. i enjoy the work and feel competent for the job.

in working, however, ive found that what i have learned in school is limited and far from sufficient to handle sophisticated jobs. therefore, i have decided to extend my education and would like to enter an american institution firstly to earn a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. then, if possible, i would like to continue my education toward a masters degree.

after this objective is reached, i will return to my country and seek a job in a public firm. most probably i will continue to work with nan ya plastic company.


dear leaders:


thank you for your busy schedule to review my cover letter, i graduated from art design to advertising professional, i am very honored to have the opportunity to your letter submitted to the job. in order to find a better job, better play to their talents and realize the value of your life, would like to recommend self-leadership.

i love the work has been put in tremendous enthusiasm and energy, working for a few years, and continue to the basic knowledge of advertising, design, creative, production and so seek to update. in the work of continuous learning and training, i have knowledge in this field have a certain understanding and mastery: applying the office, wps office software, etc., to participate in the new elite training project designers oriental design computer training, proficiency in: photoshop, coreldraw, illustrator, pagemaker graphic design software (and the success of the graphic design work).

with the continuous development of society, only with professional knowledge is unable to meet the needs of the times. spare time, therefore i am learning a lot of knowledge, not only enrich their own, but also cultivate a wide range of skills of their own. in their efforts to do a good job at the same time the nature of the work, but also continuously improve the overall quality.

clear, i know: “a thousand miles begins with a single step”, the talent in the fierce market, all i have to start from scratch, with an open mind to learn to forge ahead and make their own as soon as possible to become a talent. your company can become a member, i will not live up to your choice today. thriving business,


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