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Dear Sir,

I am a graduate in 20x, graduating from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. I was noticed your company is looking for a CFO and I am writing to candidate for this position. I was major in financial management in college and minor in Business. I studied very hard in school and I was perfect in my courses. I ranked top three in my college. Moreover, I took part-time jobs in summer holidays and I had an internship in a company before, which brought me great practical experience. I know your company aims to internationalization and I am sure what I learned in school would help me to be qualified to this position. The following is my resume in details that will help you to know me better. I’m looking forward to your positive reply. And Best wishes for you and your company.

Sincerely yours,



recommend letter

honorific yang zong:

how do you do!

i _ing4 wang2 dan bai3 be a bright word.attend now with often the state information molding tool in the occupation technical college manufacturing and product shape design profession.be honored very much to witness your elegant appearance when my school speak to learn at you, also carry on brief e_changes with you luckily, also therefore understood your company.to your respect and admire, let my heart be full of enterprising:provide the passion of post to your company, let to see fine future;to own trust, let me bravely picked up the pen in the hand, wrote down this to recommend letter.

“the gentleman has the sorrow of world” menzi’s words are to encourage the motive that i go forward forever.i dare not to hastily say oneself a heart bosom world, allow by world for oneself, but to oneself be responsible for, be responsible for the matter do, be responsible for the unit belong to is my lasting behavior standard.is e_actly because of this i passed national english four classes e_amination, got hold of to study a special prize, acquired second class scholarship in the hospital, jiangsu province scholarship.in addition to studying professional knowledge, at lesson remaining time i study everyone noodles knowledge hard, and acquire province humanities knowledge in jiangsu to contest an e_cellent prize in _.these all all give i self-confident, make me enterprising, cu i go forward.

“the chest one who have to arouse thunder but noodles such as the even lake can do obeisance for the full general soldier” becomes “general”, become a “full general soldier” which is full of reasonableness and will to fight is pursue of my this present life, is e_actly this kind of to pursue strength to me, let me successively hold the post of publicity member of committee in the class, the regiment pays book and leader of class, argue association to make president of association in the hospital, and help lecture and eloquence association of the classmate foundation.pass many organizations and the plan student’s activity, i practiced good eloquence and raised the organization harmoniously adjusts ability, also profoundly understand the team importance of cooperation, regardless face what circumstance, the noodles is like even lake and the reasonableness faces to become me the biggest results.at this period, i acquired “fasten students with e_cellent records a staff” and”fasten the activity aggressive prize” waits various honors with”fasten the literary style e_cellent prize”.this all everythings give me the courage, draw my strength and once i was proud.also believe this also all is me later the ability very competent at a job assurance.although i obtain some result on the study and the work, die down professional interest to also make me some to divide attention, lucky is that i got in touch with your company, the flames of intense emotion will continue flaming combustion, believe such as lucky contribute efforts to your company, settle can is prosperous and flourishing for your company to make an own contribution.

“the desire poor long distance eyes, more previous floor”, the sincerity hopes to lend this high building of your company, the eyes of poor long distance, also believe the purpose of poor long distance me to settle an ability to construct more impressive-looking high building contribution strength for your company.end, appreciate very much always to read my to recommend letter in 100 favours, thanks.



I am writing to apply for the position of assistant designer ,and thank you for your time !

Since graduation last summer ,I have become particularly interested in urban planning work and now wish to development my career in that direction.

I have a degree from University . On the part of skills ,I am good at hand-drawing , softwares such as AutoCAD ,ArcMap,Photoshop. On the other hand ,I have abundant experience .During my university time ,I have assumed the office of cadre in my class,I always in charge of the badminton team of my collage. I think my experience can help me work more efficient.

I believe that ‘No pains,No gains’. I would welcome the chance to work as part of a small ,dynamic team where I could be make a significant contribution, while developing my skills yet future. I would be happy to show you a portfolio of my work! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Sincerely

Self-seller :


Dear leaders:

.I heard your information of job from internet. I’m male students of Northern College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the specialty is logistics

management, will be held in July 2014 graduation. I carefully handed him a cover letter, candidates Company warehouse administrator jobs.

While expanding their knowledge in university learning, I seriously learn the professional master logistics professional knowledge and grasp of modern logistics management system, international logistics practices, logistics management information systems, supply chain management, logistics enterprise storage basic accounting practices, procurement and distribution practices. Assistant Logistics Certificate National Computer two C certificate, proficiency in word, excel, strong computer skills.

In order to gain more practical experience. Off-campus part-time, May Day holidays in STO logistics company. I actively participate in every activity of the student organization in schools

Four years of college, I constantly improve themselves, and expand their knowledge. I passed the online lookup, and concerned about your company’s recruitment information to my professional knowledge, I am confident that qualified for the jobs of the Company’s warehouse. Urge your organization to the leadership on the of I sincerely job move to give the full understanding and support. I believe that I will use my practical action to prove my promise!

With many thanks,


Respect of sir/miss:

Hello! Please forgive disturb。 I am a just from _ college business English majors of college。 I’m honored to have the opportunity to you in my personal information。 In all social occasion, in order to find the accord with his professional and interested in the job, better use of their talents, to achieve their life values, and extend to all the leaders made a remend ourselves。

As a business English major students’, I love my professional and for its input and a huge enthusiasm and energy。 In the three-year study life, I have studied included business outside the basic knowledge to use as many aspects。 Through analyzing the knowledge of study, I in this area have related knowledge of a certain extent of understanding and mastering, the profession is a tool and the ability to use the tool is the most important in and curriculum synchronism of relevant practice and practice, is certain to actual operation ability and technology。 In the school work, strengthening exercise the ability to get, learning management knowledge, absorb management lessons。

I know of puter and network is the future tool, in study of the profession of puter premise, I made a huge interest in and read many of the related books, Windows 98/2000, Visual Foxpro program design, medium and high-grade office automation, puter primary tutorial。 Proficient in using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Windows and other office software。

In my life is in a period of energetic, I wanted a broad world to expose their own talent, and I’m not satisfied with current level of knowledge, the expectations in practice get exercise and improved, so I hope I can join your pany。

I’ll do dependably belongs to own a job, does utmost of work to achieve good results。 I believe that through own diligence and struggling, certainly will make due contribution。

Just thank you in spite of being very busy giving my attention, wish your pany business, and prises, wish your career white foot pole head, further!

I am enclosing a resume, such as an opportunity to meet with you, I’d be very grateful。 Even if your pany thought I was still not patible with your condition, I also will continue to focus your pany’s development, and on this my most sincere wishes。



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